Organic Olive Oil

Organic Olive Oil

Our grandparents were farmers. The olive tree, this tree that loves the sea and the Mediterranean sun, that grows even in barren and stony soils and withstands drought and strong winds, has always accompanied us so much in times of prosperity, as well as seasons of deprivation.

Father Emmanuel Fasoulakis, while he was an officer of the Merchant Navy, and traveled all over the world, continued, when he could, to plant and take care of the family olives, continuing his tradition. In this way, he slowly grew our olive groves in the area where he planted the "Koroneiki" variety, the best in yield quality and quantity of oil in Greece.

When he retired, he built the MATALA VALLEY VILLAGE hotel on the estate in Matala, in the olive grove and transfered to us, his three sons, the rest of the olive groves located in the area of Pitsidia- Matala.

Today he is over 90 years old, but he continues to care for the olive trees and still comes with us to the fruit harvest, now as an honorary guest! We continue this tradition with the same love. Our goal is to produce the best quality olive oil!

Since 2016, we have proceeded with the integration of our estates in biological certification of our cultivation methods by the DIO organization.

With love for the olive tree and the environment, we apply a holistic and sustainable method to the cultivation of the land, transforming our olive groves into balanced ecosystems of sustainable development.

In October, our visitors can happily participate in the early fruit harvest on our estates, immediately taste the fresh olive oil - cucumber oil in the organic olive mill of our area and taste it in the buffet of our restaurant. Our organic extra virgin olive oil with high nutritional value is now offered in the hotel store to buy it under the name organic «FASOULAKIS PREMIUM HIGH PHENOLIC-Early Harvest. Certified with a health claim (Commission Regulation [EU] 432/2012 for high levels of oleander and oleicane related to anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective action by the World olive center and University of Athens

Production from the organic olives of the Fasoulaki family / Matala Valley village

Our fresh  bio oil  season 2023,  is now available  and we are happy to ship!

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